Alleged victim ‘texted for help’ during rape

A woman who alleges she was raped by AFL footballer Andrew Lovett says she texted “help” to her ex-boyfriend as she told him to stop and tried to squirm away.


The woman says she texted her former boyfriend, another AFL player, during the rape.

She says at no stage did she give Lovett “permission or any indication” she wanted to have sex with him.

The woman’s police statement and transcript of the in-camera evidence she gave to the court on Tuesday were released to the media on Friday.

On Wednesday, Lovett, 27, was committed to stand trial on two counts of rape.

It is alleged he raped the woman at the Port Melbourne home of his former St Kilda teammates Jason Gram and Sam Fisher.

Earlier in the night the woman kissed Gram twice, the court heard.

In his statement to the court Gram said the woman told him: “I thought it was you.”

Asked by Lovett’s barrister David Grace QC if it was not until the end of the sexual intercourse that she knew the man was not Gram, she replied: “I wasn’t in any state to actually even comprehend that someone was actually having sex with me.”

The woman said in her statement she was intoxicated and went to bed fully clothed.

“The next thing I remember is that I had been asleep and woke up to someone fingering me …,” she said.

“I couldn’t see or describe who it was as it was dark and I was half asleep.

“I remember pulling myself away and telling them to stop and then I’m pretty sure this person left the room.”

The woman said she believes her friend later came into the room and said they should leave.

She then remembers someone coming into the room.

He told her how sexy she was and then had sex with her, the woman said.

“I was asking him to stop,” she said.

“I was trying to squirm away from him to get to my phone.

“Because I was probably quite drunk I was unable to fight back.

“I think he also knew I was vulnerable because of this and took advantage of the fact that I had been asleep and intoxicated.

“I remember reaching for my phone and telling him to stop, and him asking me who I was messaging. I didn’t answer him.”

Later in the statement she said: “(Her former boyfriend) was the person I messaged for help when I was being assaulted.”

In her statement the woman said she was not flirting with Lovett and not interested in him sexually.

“I would never have given him permission to have sex with me, no way,” she said.

Lovett will face the Victorian County Court for a directions hearing on September 9, with his trial expected to begin in July.

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