Key quotes from the Sydney siege inquest


“We all believed that there was something going on with this guy.


A cousin of a girlfriend of Monis who met him in 2008.

“He came across as someone who was very well-off.”

“I was a bit uncomfortable with his presence – I thought that there was something odd about it.”

Amanda Morsy, whom Monis dated and wanted to marry in 2003.

“I formed the view that he was a hero in his own story.”

A social worker on her impressions after interviewing Monis in 2012.

“What she described about him was a manipulative man who successfully duped her and eventually intimidated and emotionally blackmailed her.”

A social worker recounts what Monis’s former wife told her about her ex-husband in 2012.

“One individual said that no one in the club liked him and he was ‘weird’. Another said he was strange and weird, that things didn’t add up with him.”

“Ultimately he was rejected by the Rebels and they took his motorbike around the middle of 2013.”

Junior counsel assisting the inquest Sophie Callan details how Monis’s bid to join the Rebels bikie gang ended.

“I found Mr Monis to be a smart guy, but a very evil smart guy.”

“If I knew he was the hostage-taker, I would call police to shoot him on (sic) the head and no negotiation.”

Lawyer Dr Nazir Daawar, who represented Monis during his offensive letters case in 2010.

“David Koch is the boss. He’s a killer and a terrorist.”

Seven Network security manager Scott McIlveena recounted the words Monis screamed as he ran towards TV personality Mr Koch in Martin Place in 2008.

“He said I need a report to indicate that I’m not suffering any mental illness.”

Psychologist Dr Kasim Abaie, who helped Monis with anxiety and depression issues in 2010.

“He felt that he was being watched all the time, even in his bathroom.”

“My impression was that he had chronic schizophrenia and my treatment plan was to start anti-psychotic medication.”

Psychiatrist Dr Kristen Barrett, who saw Monis in 2010.

“Was Monis a so-called lone wolf prosecuting an ISIS-inspired terrorist act or was he a deranged individual pursuing some personal, private grievance in a public manner?”

NSW Coroner Michael Barnes in his opening address to the hearing.

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