Lib candidate faces ‘manhandling’ probe

Darren Jameson was driving through the suburb of Kariong on Friday night when eggs were thrown at his car.


The Daily Telegraph newspaper has reported he approached two 13-year-old boys whom he suspected of throwing the eggs and took them to the local youth centre to verify their denials.

The boys are believed to have complained later that Mr Jameson grabbed one of them by the shirt and was aggressive , and one of their parents has lodged a complaint with Gosford police, who are reportedly investigating the claims.

The Daily Telegraph says Mr Jameson, a respected local police office, admits he approached two 13-year-olds whom he wrongly suspected of being the culprits, but denies he did anything wrong.

Mr Jameson says he’s the victim of a dirty smear campaign and the boys’ allegations are completely incorrect.

Liberal collegues pledge support

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by Mr Jameson and told Capital Radio Network in Canberra, that Mr Jameson’s behaviour doesn’t sound unreasonable and is the kind of thing a policeman would do when confronted with a bit of unruly behaviour on the streets.

Liberal frontbencher Scott Morrison has also defended Mr Jameson, noting his 21-year police career.

“He can be fully trusted on this issue, which I’m sure will clear itself up within a day or so,” he told ABC Television, adding Labor’s campaign was getting “very, very dirty”.

“I was in Robertson (on Monday) and there are dirty tricks

galore from Labor” he said.

“To cast these sorts of smears about, and to provide briefings to journalists just before (the) election, is a smirch on Darren’s character.”

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