Over 500,000 kids sing to promote music education

Across Australia today, hundreds of thousands of school children raised their voices in song at the same time.


A lot of fun for the children involved, but with a serious point behind it, the ‘Music: Count Us In’ program aims to raise the profile of music education.

And it was a great day for one young songwriter. Taking a quick break from his HSC studies, Sun Woo Kim arrived just in time to meet just some of the kids who would sing his song.

Sun says it was a huge surprise when he was selected to co-write the song for this year with three other high-school students.

“I got the email and I just sat there staring at it for a while going ‘well, that’s a bit crazy isn’t it?’”, says Sun.

In its sixth year, the ‘Music: Count Us In’ project aims to promote the value of music education in schools, helping children with confidence, discipline and team-work.

Streamed live across Australia from Canberra, program Ambassador John Foreman led the kids in song.

At 12.30pm today, over half a million voices brought the song to life for the first time.

And not just in schools, but on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra and the beaches of Adelaide, singing together across Australia.

“The song is called ‘Different People’ and it’s basically a song about how despite our differences with all the people around the world and with this event in Australia, how we can all still stand together and do something like this and do the song together and feel like we are part of something,” says Sun.

And it included children of different backgrounds and abilities, including some signing in Auslan.

“All kids love music and to see kids that use Auslan as their principal form of communication to actually be able to sing along in their way with the rest of Australia – fantastic,” said Chris Rehn of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

As for the songwriter, what will he do next?

“Go home and study – properly!” says Sun.

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